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Find the right IT professional fast & efficient.

Qandidates helps you to screen and search for IT professionals without the help of an intermediate. This way, we make it easier to find the right talent that fits your company.

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Helping companies get IT professionals

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Save time

Save time finding and screening the right candidate using our database with IT professionals, who created profiles with their skills and preferences. No more endless searching for potential candidates online.

Reduce costs

We connect you directly with IT professionals and make it easier for you to see if they meet your requirements. Fewer recruiters are needed resulting in lower costs for your company.

Attract passive candidates

Qandidates is anonymous. This enables professionals to secretly explore the market and be passively open to a new job adventure. They might not even know if they have better opportunities. Up to you to show them!

Trusted for finding IT professionals

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Connecting companies and candidates fast & efficiently

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Sign up and link yourself to the company you work for. IT professionals can see your company page, so expand your profile to be more appealing to them.

Search for candidates

Easily find a candidate that matches your criteria by selecting your requirements and preferences. Save them for later and enable notifications. We’ll let you know if there’s a new match!

Time to chat!

Found a potential candidate? Reach out to them via our Qandidates chat and see if it’s the match you’re both looking for! From there on, it’s up to you and the IT professional to close the deal.

What our users think

Enola P.

" We considered hiring a recruitment agency to find a suitable candidate but with Qandidates we can easily find IT professionals ourselves. It has saved us a lot of money."

Managing director

Magnus W.

" Finding a candidate is much more easy compared to other platforms. All needed information about a candidate is there. "

Corporate recruiter

Lars K.

" I would recommend Qandidates if you want to spend time and money on your recruitment."

Head of recruitment
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Frequently asked questions

Why do companies use Qandidates?

We attract IT professionals and ensure they create profiles with their skills and preferences. This way, we make it easier for you to search and screen IT professionals that fit your company.

How long does it take to find a candidate?

Create your profile in 3 minutes. Done? Great! You’re ready to find the IT professional you need.

Why are the candidates anonymous?

At Qandidates, we value a transparent recruitment process. Anonymizing candidates allows them to openly share their skills and preferences, such as their salary indication. The openness in the requirements of both parties increases the chance of a qualitative match. The professional is anonymous until they decide to share their personal information with you in the chat.

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